🪪Identity Registry Program


The Identity Registry Program (IRP) manages the configurable issuance and tracking of on-chain identities to enable on-chain transaction permissioning. The configurability accommodates the implementation of unique jurisdictional or application-level regulatory frameworks.

For example, transaction permissioning for a Regulation D offering may require KYC, AML, and accredited investor verification, whereas transaction permissioning for a borrowing product may only require KYB and AML.

Please note there is no leveling standard, and it is up to the discretion of the issuer to determine and bare responsibility for their offerings.

Technical Overview

The identity account represents an individuals privilege within the registry. The program account includes fields for the identity registry to which it belongs, the owner's public key, and an array for identity levels. The account can be initialized with the owner's public key, the identity registry's public key, and an initial level. Additionally, it provides a method to verify signers against the registry's authority and delegate, ensuring proper authorization for operations.

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