✒️Asset Data Registry


The Data Registry Program (DRP) enables the ledger of generic asset data. In essence, it serves as a centralized platform where information about various assets can be stored, accessed, and updated The data registry is a centralized system designed to store and manage critical information pertaining to legal, tax, and miscellaneous data within the application or system. It acts as a repository for essential details necessary for compliance, auditing, and other regulatory purposes.

Technical Overview

The data registry PDA is mapped to the ACP account that contains metadata that is universal across assets. Other data is stored via PDAs structured as a dynamically sized dictionary. This manages generic metadata for the asset as well as supporting legal documentation from the issuer, including operating agreements, EIN letters, appraisals, and more. This is also a unique and optional attribute of each ACP mint. It may also reference off-chain data necessary for verifying the enforceable property rights of a particular asset. This may be presented in a number of formats, including property deeds, delivery orders, and shareholder agreements.

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